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Semi-preparativE HPLC

Semi-preparative HPLC

Semi-Preparative HPLC for liquid chromatography

Semi-preparative HPLC has a modular design and is used for the purification of a wide variety of samples, such as peptides, organic syntheses, extracts, etc., by efficiently isolating target components down to the high milligram range.

Using very powerful software, this is achieved by simple and clear method development. For the processing of chromatograms complete data documentation according to GLP guidelines is included.

HPLC systems for semi-preparative chromatography consist of one HPLC pump with 2 double pistons, UV or UV/Vis detector, sample application system, fraction collector and the software for controlling the entire system as well as recording chromatograms.

The semi-preparative HPLC mainly fulfills two functions in the R&D laboratory. It is a link in upscaling analytical chromatographic methods to the preparative scale. With this semi-preparative HPLC, system parameters for upscaling can be determined easily and economically. Combined with the fraction collector, it is also used to obtain substances in the milligram range after analytical identification. The HPLC system for semi-preparative chromatography thus is an advanced analytical HPLC ensuring the user a successful transition into the preparative field.

Key Features

  • HPLC pumps for up to 40 ml/min, low pulsation and high precision
  • Modular design for customer-specific requirements
  • Fast purification for high sample throughput
  • Direct transferability of analytical parameters
  • Fraction collectors with unlimited number of fractions and fraction volumes of up to 1 liter
  • Production of substance quantities in the high milligram range.

Typical Modules for Semi-Preparative HPLC

Flow Sheet Semi-Preparative HPLC
  • HPLC pump with 2 pump heads
  • High pressure mixer
  • Manual valve for purging
  • Selection valve
  • Analytical HPLC column
  • Preparative HPLC column
  • Sampler
  • Sample application valve with sample loop
  • HPLC detector with prep. measuring cell
  • Fraction collector
  • PC with HPLC software


Fields of application for HPLC systems for semi-preparative chromatography are e.g. the isolation of metabolites in the pharmaceutical industry for further characterization of these substances by other measuring methods, the small volume production of standards from natural substances or the determination of chromatographic parameters for upscaling.

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