Chromatography Devices


If you want to make your chromatographic work easier, you should use a autosampler. Using a sample list in the HPLC software, the samples to be analyzed are recorded and processed by the sampler, witch automatically injects them according to the order given in the list.

Automatic Sample Provider Autosampler

Autosampler Midi

This flexible ampler is characterized by very good reproducibility and linearity.
Different sample racks as well as microtiter plates make it adaptable and suitable for any analytical application up to routine operation. Different injection modes allow the injection of variable sample volumes from 0.1 – 999.9 µl in addition to lossless injection of smallest sample volumes. Pre-column derivatization and sample dilution are possible options as well as heating or cooling.

Order number: 100234

Automatic Sample Provider Autosampler

Autosampler Maxi

The freely programmable sampler for sample volumes from µL to liters is almost unlimited in the number of samples as well as their volumes with its expandable platform for sample vessels. The dual-arm version can dispense µL volumes for analytical methods as well as large sample volumes of over 1 liter for preparative methods. Pre-dilution or dose addition are easily programmable in the HPLC software and allow liquid handling prior to sample application.

Order number: 100825

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