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HPLC System for Production

Production HPLC for liquid chromatography


Our production HPLC systems, also known as “Skid”, are ideally suited for small-scale commercial production to series production. Manufactured according to customer requirements and delivered turnkey, the Skid can be installed for production quickly, immediately after approval by the customer.

With our high-performance Skid HPLC systems, several hundred kilograms of product can be purified every year.

Skid HPLC systems are compact, mobile, flexible and, in terms of their system structure, very similar to preparative HPLC systems. They are firmly established worldwide for the gentle purification of substances and are mainly used when high-purity products and minimal expenditure of time are required.

Our HPLC pumps with almost pulsation-free flow mix the solvents at high pressure of up to 600 bar without complex degassing or bubble traps. Due to the flow rate of up to 5 L/min. these piston pumps are ideal for upscaling chromatographic parameters that were determined e.g. on a preparative HPLC system in the pilot plant.

Combined with our HPLC systems, our packing stations with columns up to 30 cm ID are used. The basis for a qualitatively well-packed column is a homogeneous slurry, consisting of a solid phase that is mixed with the solvent lump and bubble free. Homogeneous slurry is of decisive importance for reproducible separation results of the column bed.

For the production of large slurry quantities, we can offer stainless steel tanks with ATEX agitators.

A high-performance sampler takes care of the sample application in any desired sample amount up to unlimited sample volume.

The detection of sample components is mostly done by  UV or RI detectors. Due to explosion protection, the data transmission of the detector recordings is done via an optical fiber. For non-UV-active compounds, the RI detector (refraction index) is recommended, which can also be supplied with full-flow cell technology if required.

Key Features

  • Piston pumps for up to 300 L/h, powerful, precise, low pulsation, small “footprint”
  • Membrane pumps for higher flow rates from 300 L/h upwards
  • Detectors with optical fiber and “Full-Flow Cell” technology
  • Packing stations matched to the production volume
  • Slurry tanks with ATEX agitator for homogeneous column material
  • Fraction collectors for unlimited number of fractions or volumes
  • Mobile on wheels or adjustable feet
  • Documentations and all necessary certificates like ATEX, GMP, etc.

Typical modules of a production HPLC

Flow Sheet HPLC Production
  • HPLC pump (2 X)
  • HPLC pump for sample injection
  • Motor valve for purging
  • Motor valves (3 X)
  • HPLC column or column packing station
  • HPLC detector with preparative flow cell
  • Fraction collector
  • PC with HPLC software


For fractionation, the systems provide ideal functions in the fraction collector, such as unlimited volume or number of fractions, making it very flexible and user-friendly.

The GAMP-based HPLC software is customizable and intuitive to use. All necessary tools for GMP-compliant work (user hierarchy, log, interactive control mechanisms) are preconfigured. An interactive flow sheet and a solvent manager as well as a fraction manager facilitate the daily work. An optional output of alarms can be send to a central server thus perfectly integrating it into the mobility concept.

HPLC systems for liquid chromatography with even higher flow rates can be provided with powerful and solvent resistant membrane pumps.

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