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PreparativE HPLC

Preparative HPLC System - with Column Packing Station

Preparative HPLC for liquid chromatography


If you attempt to purify different samples by means of efficient isolation and small-scale production of substances up to the high gram range, then one of the modular preparative HPLC systems might be of interest to you.

Preparative isolation of substances is performed by upscaling of previously optimized semi-preparative separations. Here, the eluent flow, the sample volume and the volumes of the fraction vessels are adapted to the size of the preparative column by the upscaling factor.

Preparative HPLC is mainly used to obtain substance quantities on a gram scale. For this purpose, column sizes are used that are determined by the so-called upscale factor. Column sizes from 50 mm ID to 100 mm ID are standard here.

The upscale factor results from the ratio of the squares of the radii of preparative to semi-preparative column. Example: Upscaling from column ID 20 mm to 100 mm results in a factor of 25.

Key Features

  • GMP / GAMP conform
  • Low pulsation and precise HPLC pumps
  • Cost effective small scale production of gram quantities
  • Modular design for customer specific requirements
  • Fast purification of samples up to the high gram range
  • Direct transferability from semi-preparative column to preparative column
  • HPLC software for system control and data acquisition

Typical Modules for preparative HPLC

Flow Sheet Preparative HPLC
  • HPLC Pump (2 X)

  • HPLC pump for sample injection

  • Motor valve for purging

  • Motor valves (3 X)

  • HPLC column or column packing station

  • HPLC detector with preparative flow cell

  • Fraction collector

  • PC with HPLC software


    Fields of application for preparative HPLC are e.g. the preparation of g-quantities of APIs in the pharmaceutical industry for phase 1 and 2 clinical studies or the isolation of target components and by-products from organic synthesis.

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