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HPLC System for Pilot Plant

HPLC Systems for the Pilot Plant


In the pilot plant preparative HPLC methods are developed for the operating conditions in production.

Due to the modular design of the HPLC systems, the process steps for later production in large HPLC systems can be optimized and adapted to the customer’s specifications. Furthermore, the process parameters are used for planning and design of the production plant. In addition, initial quantities can be produced as efficiency statement and quality certificate.

HPLC systems for the pilot plant mainly consist of two HPLC pumps for gradient formation for flows up to 1000 ml/min, UV detector, injection pump for sample application, fraction collector and the HPLC software for system control and data acquisition, respectively their graphical display.

In the pilot plant, separation methods are optimized that can be used for the production of small substance volumes as well as adapted to production scale by upscaling the process parameters.

Our low-pulsation HPLC pumps mix solvents at high pressure up to 150 bar without complex degassing or bubble traps. Due to the flow rate of up to 60 L/h, these piston pumps are ideal for upscaling chromatographic parameters that have been determined on a preparative HPLC system, for example.

Combined with our HPLC systems, either pre-packed HPLC columns or column packing stations with columns up to 10 cm ID are used. The basis for a qualitatively well-filled column is a homogeneous slurry, consisting of a solid phase that is mixed in solvent without lumps or bubbles. Homogeneous slurry is essential for reproducible separation performance of the column bed.

For the production of large quantities of slurry we can offer stainless steel tanks with ATEX agitator.

Key Features

  • Modular design for customer-specific requirements
  • HPLC piston pumps up to 1000 ml/min, low pulsation and precise
  • Easy upscaling from preparative methods to pilot plant scale
  • Suitable for small-scale production and method development for the production area
  • Fraction collectors with unlimited number of fractions and volumes
  • Column packing stations for different column sizes

Typical HPLC Systems Modules for a Pilot Plant

Flow Sheet HPLC Pilot Plant
  • HPLC Pump (2 X)
  • HPLC pump for sample application
  • Motor valve for purging
  • Motor valves (3 X)
  • HPLC column or column packing station
  • HPLC detector with preparative measuring cell
  • Fraction collector
  • PC with HPLC software


The detection of sample components is mostly done with UV, UV/Vis or RI detectors.

The GAMP based HPLC software is customizable and intuitive to use. All necessary tools for GMP-compliant work (user hierarchy, log, interactive control mechanisms) are preconfigured. An interactive flow sheet and a solvent manager as well as a fraction manager facilitate the daily work. An optional output of alarms can be send to a central server thus perfectly integrating it into the mobility concept.

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