Chromatography Systems

HPLC Systems overview

O-CP offers you HPLC systems for laboratory, pilot plant and production. You will receive free and non-binding advice according to your chromatography application / s in terms of application, technology, performance calculation for the selected HPLC system and the topic of necessary system connections as well as EX safety.

What distinguishes the O-CP?

  • Everything from a single source, advice, sales, installation and service.
  • All products in very good and long-lasting quality.
  • HPLC systems tailored to the customer’s needs and budget.
  • HPLC systems also available in ATEX design for Ex areas.
  • Optionally GMP-compliant and with IQ, OQ and PQ.
Analytical HPLC

Analytical HPLC Systems

Optimal analytical HPLC systems can consist of a large number of high-precision HPLC pumps, which are available for both low-pressure and high-pressure gradients, via various autosamplers with high sample capacity and a large selection of HPLC detectors. . .

Semi-Preparative HPLC

Semi-Preparative HPLC Systems

The semi-preparative HPLC systems are controlled by a very powerful software. Besides overseeable method development and the processing of chromatograms, complete data documentation according to GLP guidelines is possible. . .

Preparative HPLC system with column packing station

Preparative HPLC Systems

Preparative HPLC systems enable sample quantities from mg to multi-g to be isolated within a very short time. The freely configurable autosampler and fraction collector within one device facilitates this. . .

HPLC System for pilot plant

HPLC Systems for Pilot Plants

These HPLC systems for the pilot plants are compact, mobile, versatile and very similar to the preparative HPLC systems, however, with a higher performance when using SAC or DAC column packing stations. They often are the preliminary stage to production. . .

HPLC System for production

HPLC Systems for Production

These HPLC systems for production are compact, mobile, versatile and concerning the system structure very similar to the large preparative HPLC systems. They are firmly established worldwide for the gentle purification of large amounts of substances  and. . .

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