Chromatography Devices

HPLC Mixer

HPLC mixers are indispensable when the application makes working with gradients in column chromatography necessary. Active mixers guarantee a constant gradient profile over the entire flow range of the chromatographic method.

Integrated HPLC Mixer

Integrated HPLC Mixer

Active binary HPLC mixer for our analytical and semi-preparative HPLC pumps.

This mixer can be ordered as an option and is delivered integrated into the pump. It has an adjustable mixing volume of 10 -500 µl and is therefore ideal for mixtures of up to 40 ml/min at a maximum operating pressure of up to 400 bar.

Order number: 100206


HPLC Mixer

External HPLC Mixer

Binary HPLC mixer for flow rates from 80 to 1000 mL/min at operating pressures of up to 170 bar.

This mixer guarantees best gradient formation over the entire preparative flow range and is therefore also ideal for upscaling.

Order number: 100840

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