Chromatography Devices


O-CP bietet Ihnen HPLC Geräte zur Flüssig Chromatographie für Labor, Technikum und Produktion. Sie erhalten kostenfreie und unverbindliche Beratung entsprechend Ihrer Chromatographie Anwendung/en in Sachen Anwendung, Technik, Leistungsberechnung zum gewählten HPLC Gerät und zum Thema notwendiger Anschlüsse sowie zur EX-Sicherheit.

Was zeichnet die O-CP aus?

  • Everything from a single source: consulting, sales, installation and service.
  • All products in very good and long-lasting quality.
  • HPLC devices and HPLC systems tailored to the customer’s needs and budget.
  • Devices and systems also available in ATEX design for explosion-hazardous areas.
  • Optionally GMP-compliant and with IQ, OQ and PQ.
Analytical HPLC Pump

HPLC Pumps for Laboratory Use

  • HPLC pump, analytical, from 0.001 – 10 mL / min., 400 bar
  • HPLC pump, semi-preparative, from 0.1 – 40 mL / min., 200 bar
  • HPLC pump, preparative, from 1.5 – 250 mL / min., 400 bar

These HPLC pumps can be used isocratically as well as for low-pressure and high-pressure gradients. They work at an operating pressure of up to 400 bar and with a precise and low-pulsation flow. Pump heads made of PEEK are also available for all pumps for bio-compatible applications. The HPLC pumps can be operated either manually using the keypad or using the HPLC software.

HPLC Pump Pilot Plant

HPLC Pumps for the Pilot Plant

HPLC pumps for flow rates from 5 ml – 1000 ml/min., can be used isocratically as well as for low-pressure and high-pressure gradients up to 400 bar operating pressure.

HPLC Pump Production

HPLC Pumps for the Production Area

HPLC pumps for flow rates from 5 ml – 5 liters/min. (300 liters/h), can be used isocratically as well as for low-pressure and high-pressure gradients up to 600 bar operating pressure.

Automatic Sample Provider Autosampler

HPLC Sampler / Autosampler

Flexible and powerful autosampler for exact dosing of the injection volume. Double needle construction for blockage-free and loss-free injection of variable sample volumes from 0.1 – 999.9 µL. Temperature controllable for microtiter plates or sample vials. Pre-column derivatization and sample dilution are optional. Combined units with autosampler and fraction collector in one device are also available.

UV Vis Detector

HPLC Detectors UV / Vis

One or two-channel detectors for recording analytical and preparative chromatograms in the wavelength range from 190-800 nm. Special design for easy replacement of measuring cells and lamps.

DAD Detector

HPLC Detector Diode Array (DAD)

The ideal HPLC detector for routine analysis and research. Recording of up to 4 wavelengths with simultaneous recording of spectra in the range from 190 – 720 nm. Special design for easy replacement of measuring cells and lamps. A preparative measuring cell is available as an option.

Other detector versions such as RI, refractive index, conductivity or ELSD are available.

Fraction Collector

Faction Collectors

Highly flexible fraction collector for any volume with a practically unlimited number of fraction vessels. The racks and fractionation platform can be freely programmed with the HPLC software.

Combined units with fraction collector and autosampler in one device are also available.

HPLC Mixer

HPLC Mixer

Dynamic HPLC mixer for up to 1000 ml/min., for high-pressure by means of precise gradient formation by rotor drive of the magnetic coupling in the mixing chamber.

Column packing station

HPLC Column Packing Stations

Column packing stand for dynamic (DAC) or static axial compression (SAC) for column sizes from 25–150 mm column ID. All column packing stations are operated hydraulically for the ex-area.

Further column sizes upon request.

Column Oven Column Thermostat

Column Thermostats, Column Oven

Adjustable column thermostats are available for cooling and heating columns up to a size of 25 mm ID and 30 cm in length. Column sizes from 50 mm ID have an optional thermal jacket with valves for water connection for temperature control of the column material.

Preparative HPLC Columns

HPLC Columns

From analytical 2.0 mm ID to preparative with 50 mm ID, we deliver ready-made stainless steel columns with column materials according to the customer’s requirements (see HPLC column material). Preparative ready-made columns larger than 50 mm ID are available upon request.

HPLC Column Material

HPLC Column Materials

We provide normal phases and RP phases with derivatizations such as C-4, C-8, C-18, amino, phenyl, diol, cyano, chiral in various particle and pore sizes. These phases are also available in bulk for column packing stations.

The delivery of further column packing material is possible upon request.

LC Columns bio-compatible

LC Columns, Biocompatible

LC columns for biochromatography are available in sizes up to 200 mm ID. These glass columns or LC columns made of polyacrylic with their metal-free flow paths are easy to clean and pressure-resistant up to 10 bar. Optionally, the columns can be supplied with a thermal jacket.

HPLC Valve

HPLC Valves

HPLC valves enable manual and automatic chromatography processes. Areas of application are e.g. sample injection, column selection, selection of flow direction of solvents and fractionation of sample constituents. Valves made of stainless steel are resistant to high-pressure, they are also available biocompatible in PEEK.

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