Chromatography Devices

HPLC Detectors

UV Vis Detector

UV-Vis Detector

HPLC UV / Vis detector with extended wavelength range from 190 – 900 nm. Variably adjustable wavelengths, minimal baseline noise and, as an option, an integrated peak detector. The possibility of online scans at predefined time points also allows demanding applications.

Special device design enables easy switch from analytical to preparative measuring cell.
Order number: 100239

DAD Detector

Diode Array Detector

The DAD detects in the UV-Vis range up to 1000 nm and thus into the near infrared. In addition to scanning individually selected wavelength ranges, it also enables the parallel recording of 4 different wavelengths, making it ideal for determining the purity of individual substances. The integrated peak detector function allows pure peaks to be fractionated with pinpoint accuracy.

Order number: 100247

RI Detector

RI Detector

The refraction index detector (RI) is used for the measurement of non-UV-active compounds. Equipped with a thermally isolated optical measuring unit and programmable temperature control, this RI detector is characterized by high sensitivity, stability, good reproducibility and an optimal signal-to-noise ratio.

Order number: 100256

Light scattering detector

Light Scattering Detector

The detection by means of light scattering enables the detection and quantification of non-UV-active substances in liquid chromatography for applications with gradients of the solvents used. This light scattering detector requires only a small volume of gas and low temperatures thus ensuring low detection limits for the substances to be measured.

Order number: 100842

Conductivity detector

Conductivity Detector

Conductivity measurement is the standard detection for ion chromatography. With this highly sensitive conductivity monitor, salt gradients can be reliably followed and ionic strengths can be detected. By adding a pH sensor, pH values ​​can also be measured at the same time.
The non-contact measuring technique hereby reduces the risk of carry-over to a minimum.

Order number: 100845

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