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HPLC Columns from Analytical to Preparative

Nowadays, HPLC is one of the most effective methods for separating substance mixtures.

In order to be able to successfully separate substances mixtures with liquid chromatography, various materials based on silicon dioxide have been developed since the 1980s. Therefor chemical and physical properties of the substances to be separated are used. These include polarity, size, ionic strength / charges, fluorescence, chirality and pH value.

These separation materials are called the solid phase and are, as the so-called stationary phase, perfused under pressure, in the HPLC column made of stainless steel or LC columns made of glass or plastic such as acrylic glass or PEEK, by a mobile liquid organic or aqueous phase. Inside the column, injected amounts of substance mixture are transported under pressure within the mobile phase through the column by means of an HPLC pump  and, due to interactions with the solid phase, conveyed at different rates to the end of the column and on to a detector.

The most important separation materials are the so-called normal phase (NP) for separations of organic substance mixtures and the reversed-phase material (RP), which is used for separations of different polarities.

O-CP offers you ready packed HPLC columns or LC columns with separating material (solid phases) such as SiO, C-18, C-8, C-4, amino phase, phenyl phase, cyanophase, ion exchange material as well as for size exclusion with column sizes for the analysis of 2.0 – 4.6 mm ID up to the preparative column with 50 mm ID (inner diameter).

Should you require larger HPLC columns for your applications, we would like to refer to our column packing stations, with which HPLC columns with up to 150 mm ID can be packed.

Kindly let us have your enquiry in case HPLC columns with ID larger than 150 mm shoud be required.

For columns made of glass or plastic, please look at the section with the heading “LC columns, biocompatible”.

Analytical HPLC Columns

Column sizes from 2.0 – 4.6 mm ID for separations from µg to mg of sample amount.

Analytical HPLC Columns

Semi-preparative HPLC Columns

Column sizes from 10.0 – 25.0 mm ID for separations from a few mg to 1000 mg of sample volume.

Semi-preparative HPLC Columns

Preparative HPLC Columns

Column sizes from 30.0 – 50.0 mm ID for separations from mg to grams of sample volume.

Preparative HPLC Columns

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