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HPLC Column Thermostats

HPLC Column Thermostats – Column Temperature Regulator for Heating and Cooling

A column thermostat or column oven is often necessary to generate the best conditions for the optimal separation of substance mixtures in your HPLC system. With a column thermostat, the temperature of the HPLC column can be kept constant by a very precise temperature controller. This guarantees reproducible results for your chromatography runs.

For optimal temperature transfer between heating or cooling and the HPLC column, these are mounted on a temperature carrier in the column oven. This also prevents temperature fluctuations during pulsating heating or cooling. By means of a thermal fuse, the column thermostats are protected by a fuse in the event of electrical faults and by a leakage sensor in the event of leaks.

Column sizes from 50 mm inner diameter can be supplied with a thermal jacket with water connection for temperature control of the column material. This is also suitable for the Ex-area.

Column Ofen small

Column Thermostat for Temperatures up to 100°C

The column thermostat provides temperature control for the range of  30°C to 100°C. Equipped with a Peltier element, HPLC columns can optionally also be cooled down to 5°C.

In this column oven, 2 HPLC columns with a maximum length of 250 mm and an outer diameter of 8 mm can be installed at the same time.

Order number: 100258

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Column Thermostat for Temperatures up to 150°C

This column oven is ideally suited for a temperature range of 30°C to 150°C. For the cooling option, the column thermostat is equipped with a Peltier element so that a temperature of 5°C can be reached. It offers enough space for 3 HPLC columns with a length of 350 mm, which can be tempered at the same time.

Order number: 100264

Heater for  Temperatures up to 100°C for Eluent and HPLC Columns

This combination of heating the eluent and column oven for heating the HPLC column is ideal for separating mixtures of substances for witch exact temperatures are required. With a flow rate of up to 250 mL/min and a controlled temperature of up to 100°C, your runs will be reproducible in the chromatography.

The precisely controlled heating element for eluents can also be used without a column oven, directly in front of the column inlet, and is more effective than comparable electrical cuffs for column heating.

Heater for temperatures up to 100°C for eluents in the column oven with temperature controller
Order number: 100360
Heater for temperatures up to 100°C for eluents with temperature controller
Order number: 100361

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Eluent Heater

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