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HPLC Column Material for Chromatography


Constantly growing demands on the separation performance and availability of solid phases, for packing HPLC columns, e.g. with a column packing station, have motivated us to offer a large variety of separating materials.

The multitude of pore sizes and particle sizes enables you to pack your HPLC column with the right packing material according to your application.

With our top quality column packing materials, you can achieve separations with optimal selectivity and capacity.

Key Features

  • Sorted particle sizes to optimize performance.
  • Spherical particle shape for high pressure resistance.
  • Narrow tolerance range of the particle sizes per batch.
  • Large surface area to optimize capacity.
  • Constant and reproducible retention times for direct scale-up.
  • Consistent product quality for reproducible performance.
  • Large quantities for “large-scale” applications, reservations possible.

All spherical silica gels are mechanically very robust. Therefore they can be packed several times in analytical or preparative HPLC columns. In addition, every production group is subjected to extensive quality controls and tests in order to guarantee the consistently good quality of every production batch.

Our standard materials are phases such as C-4, C-8, C-18, amino, cyano, ion exchange, phenyl, SiO, as well as for separations based size exclusion and chirality.

Column Packing Material Organigram

In relation to the worldwide demand for different column materials, we are now able to supply the right solid phase for almost every separation task.

We can also supply ready-made scout columns for testing the various solid phases.

Column material for liquid chromatography in the low pressure range on request.

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