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Fraction collector

Fraction Collectors from Small to Large


Fraction collectors are used in liquid chromatography for separate collection of substances in the laboratory through to production. These fraction collectors can be used for all applications for collecting substances. They can be used to fractionate very small mL volumes as well as liquids in the liter range. The collection of substances in different rack formats or different vessels, which are randomly positioned on the surface of the fraction collector, is easily possible in the HPLC system via software based on the programmable XY drive.

Versions for the Ex-area are available on request.

Fraction collector for laboratory to pilot plant

Space-saving fraction collector with a convenient depth and narrow width. Different collection racks with small or large fractionation volumes are available. The height of the fraction collector’s arm can be adjusted for tall vessels or a rack can be used for short glasses.

Versions for larger collection volumes are available on request.

Fraction collector for short vessels

for short vessels

Fraction collector for long vessels

for long vessels

Fraction collector for flasks

for flasks

Fraction Collectors from Pilot Plant to Production

This fraction collector is well suited for pilot plants and production, thanks to its unlimited number of fractions and the size of the collection volumes.

This fraction collector is also available on request with a very large storage space for racks or vessels.

Fraction Collector for Production

for flasks

Fraction Collector for Production

for flasks or canisters

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