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Analytical HPLC

Analytical HPLC

HPLC Systems for Analytical Chromatography


The analytical HPLC can be customized by combining HPLC devices. According to the customer’s application, optimally configured analytical HPLC systems are equipped with precise pumps, autosamplers with high sample capacity and a large selection of detectors for routine analysis or method development. Subsequent cost-effective expansions of analytical HPLC systems to semi-preparative HPLC systems are possible.


The HPLC pumps provided for these systems are very suitable for both low-pressure and high-pressure gradients. Thanks to the precise and low-pulsation flow with precise low-pressure or high-pressure mixing, these pumps guarantee high gradient accuracy.


These analytical HPLC systems are controlled by an easy-to-use and very powerful HPLC software. In addition to user-friendly method development and the processing of chromatograms, complete data documentation according to GLP guidelines is included.

Key Features

  • Precise and low-pulsation flow pumps

  • Suitable for low or high-pressure gradients

  • Degasser, if required

  • Precise dynamic high-pressure mixing

  • “Autosampler” automatic sample provider

  • Detectors such as UV, UV / Vis, DAD, RI, ELSD, etc.

  • HPLC software for  system control and data acquisition

  • Data documentation according to GLP guidelines

  • The chromatograms are completely editable

Typical Modules for Analytical HPLC 

Flow Sheet Analytical HPLC
  • HPLC pump with 2 pump heads

  • High-pressure mixer

  • Manual valve for purging

  • Autosampler

  • HPLC column

  • Diode array detector

  • Back pressure restrictor

  • PC with HPLC software

Analytical liquid chromatography has established itself as the standard method for the quantification of non-volatile substances and is used millions of times worldwide in a variety of applications from pharmaceutical quality control through environmental analysis to drug tests.

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